Hear Ye, hear ye, O people of the babahgreene…’cause I cyar really say grassroots since in most places the grass cut and covered over with Bescrete or pitch.


The point is that ting happening and Sherma Wilson, forgive me for calling your name in vain again but is your listeners I want paying attention to things like this. That recent ruling by the Privy Council upholding Reginald Dumas’ right as a CITIZEN of this country is so important on so many levels. In simple language, the Privy Council say Dumas had the right to ask for an interpretation of the Constitution…because he did find the President do crap in appointing two people to the Police Service Commission who eh qualified to be dey.

Now me eh getting into that; my ramble here is because I listened to the surprised exasperation of Dale Enoch on radio this morning, trying to figure out how come it wasn’t known before that Mr. Dumas (and all ah we), as a CITIZEN, has that right and how the hell it reach so far (in Massa’s house).

The Supreme Court photo Ric Pushinsky.

Now I have to admit I felt some surprised exasperation at Dale’s surprised exasperation. Dale, yuh never used to listen to Lloyd Best? Or Sunity Maharaj? Frig that, what about Sprangalang, or, am, Kizzy Ruiz’s song “Class Language”? Hear nah, there is an entrenched culture, dating back to Crown Colony rule, built up around the general public having to accept the authority of people in high office or any superior position to we own. Once you above somebody or a group, you don’t have to account to them; just make a decree…sorry, decision…or a lame excuse…and if you eh like it, get to hell outta here, hard luck. The legal system, developed in an age when it was almost universally accepted that persons of a certain class were above reproach while others were considered naturally given to criminality, practically shuts out most people from the labouring class from seeking legal redress on the basis of finance alone.

The contempt towards such people is still strong today because like someone said on Facebook this morning: “this ruling by the old white men in the U.K. has now opened the door for every Tom, Dick and Harrilal to challenge all decisions that affect them directly. Don’t get me wrong, for the sake of transparency I agree, but keep in mind that the courts will now be clogged by the insignificant and the ridiculous”….as if dais how it works here; as if this ruling is going to influence many people from taking similar – and in many cases, justifiable – actions.

But then again, maybe it should. So Sherma, there’s work to be done. This ruling is for all those who felt and still feel they have no worth, no contribution valued enough to be considered. This is for those who only feel that change comes when you block the road and burn tyres. This is for those who could only openly say to those in power what they thought of them through street theatre of ole mas on Jour Ouvert Morning, the same one that is now being slowly choked into invisibility by insecure, small-minded persons in authority. More importantly, this is for those who decide that since certain people doing what they want and could carry on as normal (normel, normel), then fuck dat, I seeing about myself, hence the general indiscipline AND violent crime in the country.

The legal system, the laws, Constitution and so on need to be broken down and made understandable by ordinary folks. Where are the lawyers with a sense of principle and justice who are going to do this? Who among them is committed to the country and not just their bank account? When are we going to see a class action lawsuit where enough aggrieved citizens take on some of these major figures and corporations who are destroying our beaches, our water tables, our health under the guise of progress and development?

Kudos to you, Mr Dumas. Hol dem and wuk dem.


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